Cyril Ramaphosa briefs SA on vaccine strategy

12 Jan 2021



Vaccines will be procured through three channels: the World Health Organisation’s Covax facility, through the AU’s vaccine initiative and through direct engagements with vaccine manufacturers.

Identifying priority groups:

Phase 1: around 1.2-m front-line health workers.

Phase 2: (around 16-m): essential workers such as teachers, police, municipal workers and other front-line personnel. Including people in institutions like old age homes, shelters and prisons, people over 60 and adults with co-morbidities.

Phase 3: (22.5-m) The remaining adult population resulting in a total of around 40-m South Africans, which is considered to approximate herd immunity.

“An inclusive partnership has been formed between government, medical schemes and the private sector to support the acquisition, funding and distribution of vaccines," said Ramaphosa.